Checking In: “Two Night Stand”

Checking In: “Two Night Stand”


After months of waiting, I was able to catch a sneak preview of “Two Night Stand” last Wednesday. The theater had a healthy turnout of mostly college-aged kids and post-grads waiting to see Miles Teller and Analeigh Tiption’s characters meditate on love gained and lost. Judging from any movie’s trailer, a crucial part of entertainment marketing, it’s exciting to see bodies in motion and thoughts…

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Your New Reality Show Obsession: “Nail’d It”

I feel as though I have been waiting for this show to premiere for YEARS! Glad to see that this is really happening.

Song of the Day- “Love Me Harder” feat. The Weeknd

The Weeknd elevates this song to another level of perfection. Simply beautiful and the better musical part of this past weekend’s Saturday Night Live.

Rock Your Grey Like Dascha P!

Rock Your Grey Like Dascha P!

Dascha Polanco

I LOOOOVE me some Orange Is The New Black, mainly because all of the actors on the show are FABULOUS & FIERCE both on and off screen. As far as ensemble casts on television and the internet go, the OITNB team are at the top of the class.

Ms. Dascha Polanco, otherwise known as Dayanara Diaz, is working a new hair style that I can’t get enough of:


This shade of grey from, Echelon’s Rebel Collection

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Brooklyn’s Own Willifest- Day One!

Brooklyn’s Own Willifest- Day One!


Well ladies and gents, Brooklyn’s very own Willifest is here and started with a bang last night! Its SOLD OUT Opening night ushered in some wonderful interviews conducted by the brilliant Donna Drake from “Live It Up” and global teen ambassador McKenzie Sanborn of UHE TV’s”Beyond Borders“. The vibe in the air was warm and ripe with talent.

After the interviews and networking, it was finally…

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