Brooklyn’s Own Willifest- Day One!

Brooklyn’s Own Willifest- Day One!


Well ladies and gents, Brooklyn’s very own Willifest is here and started with a bang last night! Its SOLD OUT Opening night ushered in some wonderful interviews conducted by the brilliant Donna Drake from “Live It Up” and global teen ambassador McKenzie Sanborn of UHE TV’s”Beyond Borders“. The vibe in the air was warm and ripe with talent.

After the interviews and networking, it was finally…

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Song of the Day: “Moments” by Tove Lo (NSFW)

Song of the Day: “Moments” by Tove Lo (NSFW)


“I’m not the prettiest you’ve ever seen/But I have my moments/I have my moments”

Tove Lo is one of a handful of female artists today who are more than comfortable to talk about their flaws through music. But there’s just something about Tove Lo that is unabashedly raw and charming, even behind a barrage of expletives. She reminds us that we all have our “off” days.

Stay flawed Tove Lo.


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Will You Tune In To Watch “Red Band Society”?

Will You Tune In To Watch “Red Band Society”?


I had the opportunity to check out a sneak preview of one of Fox’s new television shows, “Red Band Society” before tonight’s pilot premiere and I must say that it’s not a perfect show…. yet. But that’s part of its charm. We the viewing public are used to seeing beloved shows tossed in the pop culture trashcan before seeing them blossom past their one year of infancy. All of the elements for a…

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Movie Trailer of the Week: “Annabelle”

YES!!! It’s about time! I’ve been waiting for this movie ever since “The Conjuring”. The last scene of this trailer though….